Kim Wilkins

Kim Wilkins is an award-winning author who was born in London and grew up at the seaside in Queensland. She has degrees in English Literature and Creative Writing, and her books are published all over the world. She has won four Aurealis Awards.  Her novels include Angel of Ruin, The Autumn Castle, Giants of the Frost and Rosa and the Veil of Gold.  She also writes for young adults and children. Kim lives in Brisbane with her husband, her son Luka and baby daughter Astrid.

Books by Kim Wilkins:
A Gina Champion Mystery - BloodlaceA Gina Champion Mystery - FireheartA Gina Champion Mystery - MoonstormA Gina Champion Mystery - NightshadeA Gina Champion Mystery - WitchsongAngel of RuinDaughters of the StormGiants of the FrostGrimoireQueens of the SeaSisters of the FireThe Autumn CastleThe InfernalThe Pearl HuntersThe ResurrectionistsThe Sunken KingdomTide Stealers - The Sunken Kingdom Quartet (Book 2)Ghost Ship - The Sunken Kingdom Quartet (Book 1)Sorcerer of the Waves - The Sunken Kingdom Quartet (Book 3)The Star Queen - The Sunken Kingdom Quartet (Book 4)The Year of Ancient Ghosts