Sassy – Selwa’s Authors Success Stories of the Year – was created by Selwa and Eric Lobbecke. Since 1993 Selwa has held an annual event consisting of a full day seminar followed by an awards dinner where Sassy Awards (statues of Selwa’s logo, Sassy) are given out.

The theme’s for each year have been:

“Succeed with me in 93”
“Succeed some more in 94”
“Succeed and thrive in 95”
“Succeed and mix in 96”
“Succeed its heaven in 97”
“Succeed its great in 98”
“Succeed its time in 99”
“Succeed its OK in 2K”
“Succeed its fun in 2001”
“Succeed its for you in 2002”
“Succeed with me in 2003”

Sassy Awards in the Media

Mother Knows Best, Sun Herald 30 Jan 2011