Lesley Truffle - How Selwa Became My Agent

When Selwa rang me from Sydney and laughingly told me to sit down before announcing she’d secured me a two-book contract with a major publisher, I was gobsmacked. It was way beyond my wildest dreams. I stuck the publisher’s confirmation email to my fridge door. Then I perused it for days as I ate my breakfast muesli, until the audacious notion of being published sank in.

My manuscript had been brought to Selwa’s attention by Irina Dunn, the director of ID Editing and Publishing Consultancy. I hadn’t yet met Selwa but I’d read about her in the press and was familiar with the writers she represented.

I admired the way Selwa could talk so knowledgably and seriously about books, Australian authors, the publishing industry, her upbringing in Cowra, New South Wales, and then effortlessly segue into a witty aside. When one journalist cheekily asked how she maintained her long glamourous fingernails, Selwa blithely answered that she never did any housework – her husband did it for her.

When I finally met Selwa at her Sassy Awards, she was exactly as I’d pictured her. And as I got to know her, I found her to be kind, astute and supportive but tough when she needed to be. Selwa has helped me enormously in navigating the publication of my first two novels. I trust her judgement unreservedly.