Shannon Garner - How Selwa Became My Agent

My first introduction to Selwa Anthony was via an internet search as I sat at my writing desk dreaming of becoming a published author. I’d been writing for many years, pursuing something I truly loved but with very little gain or recognition.

My search for “Australia’s best author agent” led me to several articles about Selwa. I clicked on a picture of her in an indigo sequin dress, her chin held high and eyes steely. I sat at my desk reading about her positive attitude to life, her deep-seated loyalty and, of course, all the incredible authors she’d helped. I quickly printed the picture and pinned it to my vision board knowing that, one day, Selwa Anthony would be my agent.

Two years later I’d written my memoir, Labour of Love, and had interest from a couple of publishers. Over that two years I’d met another author who was looked after by Selwa, and as questions about contracts and book deals filled my inbox I knew I needed an agent. I gathered up my courage and asked my author friend if she’d talk to Selwa about possibly taking me on.

Once Selwa heard that her picture had been stuck on my vision board in my bedroom for two years, she told my friend, “Well, she’s got me now!”

The rest is history, and even though I’m still working toward the dream of a published novel, Selwa’s been with me all the way, offering advice, critique and more importantly moral support. Knowing Selwa is there, behind the scenes and willing me to do my best, is what makes writing a joy.

I feel very blessed to have Selwa at the forefront of so much possibility when it comes to my writing career. Her experience is unsurpassed and her strength, passion and determination are what keeps me going.