Traci Harding - How Selwa Became My Agent

When I completed my first manuscript, The Ancient Future, I printed it and give a bound copy to my mum that Christmas – 1994. My mother loved the story and to be sure she wasn’t being biased, she gave the manuscript to an actress friend, Lyn Rainbow, to read.

Lyn was impressed and asked me if I would like her to send it to a literary agent she knew. Of course I was very agreeable to the idea and whilst I was waiting for the manuscript to be read by said agent, a friend of mine in publishing sales asked who the agent was. When I informed him it was Selwa Anthony, he freaked out – in a good way.

“She’s only one of the biggest agents in the country, if not the biggest!” he informed me.

I was absolutely thrilled and yet nervous to learn this.

About a week after my manuscript had been handed to Selwa, I got a phone call from her. She said she had read the first part of my manuscript, and if the next two parts were as good, I had myself an agent!

Not six months later I was signing a publishing deal with HarperCollins Australia, and twenty books later I am still with them and Selwa Anthony Author Management.

I call Selwa my literary mum, my fairy godmother and just plain God on occasion.With her guidance I have known the joy of living a writer’s life, and I could not be more honoured or grateful. For there is nothing more amazing than having the opportunity to inspire others, and I cannot thank Selwa enough for providing me a channel for that voice.