Those Hamilton Sisters

Those Hamilton Sisters

Will their mother’s scandalous past decide their future?

The train which snaked into Noah Vale that verdant, midwinter afternoon brought with it fire, sending an inferno of small-town gossip roaring up the valley …

Beautiful Esther Hamilton had a reputation in the town of Noah Vale. That was, until she ran away, twenty years ago, under a cloud of shame.

It’s now 1955 and following their mother’s death, the Hamilton sisters have returned to Noah Vale to live near their aunt and uncle.

The eldest, Sonnet, has inherited both her mother’s fiery hair and her independent streak. The middle child, Fable, is a gifted artist and a dreamer. And the youngest, Plum, is anxious to please and notices everything.

As the years pass, the sisters settle into small-town life, but suspicion and judgement seem to follow them wherever they go. And when Fable dares to fall in love with Noah Vale’s golden boy, is history destined to repeat itself?