Terry Underwood

Terry, a modern pioneer cattlewoman, published her overnight bestselling autobiography, In the Middle of Nowhere in 1998, and its stunning photographic sequel, Riveren – My Home – Our Country, in 2000. Terry’s books and photography, and her many speaking engagements, have helped convey a sense of what is so special about the Northern Territory, the Australian outback and its people, to a much wider audience. As Ambassador for ‘Year of the Outback’, she founded and coordinated a major fund-raising exercise for the Katherine Icon – the stockman’s tribute. This one and a half times larger-than-life-sized bronze statue of a stockman on horseback, by outback sculptor Archie St Clair, is a lasting tribute to the pioneers of the pastoral industry. Terry is also known for her charitable works, especially for St Vincents Hospital, Sydney, for which she has commissioned and co-ordinated an upcoming book of its history. In the Middle of Nowhere became an Australian Classic in 2006.

Books by Terry Underwood:
In the Middle of Nowhere