Colours of Gold

Colours of Gold

Annie Reuben is an art restorer in her father’s business, but times are tough.

After being given a long-lost painting found in the basement of a condemned hotel, Annie becomes intrigued by the two girls who stare out of the ruined canvas. All she has are two names: Alice and Rosey…and a landscape from a century before.

1867: Names by the wife of the paddle steamer captain who finds her half drowned in the Murray Rivers, Alice has a gift – she can see an aura of colours around the people she meets, but sometimes the colours tell her of impending doom. Learning to survive in a world which misunderstands her, Alice eventually runs away to the goldfields with her friend Rosey and joins a troupe of entertainers. While her fame and fortunes increase as people pay to hear her predictions, Alice can never escape her past…along with the frightening man in the dark coat who follows her wherever she goes.

Who were Alice and Rosey? And why does Annie find their lives so important? As Annie becomes caught up with seeking answers from the past, she find herself being followed by the same man in the dark coat.

What is his connection to the painting?