John Suter Linton

John Suter Linton has been a journalist, researcher and writer for radio, television and the press media. He specialises in true crime. The Stranger You Know, dealt with the murder of nineteen year old Kim Barry in Wollongong in 1981. The book also investigated the claims of innocence made by the person committed for Kim’s murder. Bound by Blood followed, looking into the police investigation, the lives of the victims and the circumstances surrounding the deaths of shopkeeper, David O’Hearn, former Lord Mayor, Frank Arkell, and Jack van Krevel, the father of convicted killer, Mark Valera. An Almost Perfect Murderis John Suter Linton’s third true-crime novel; it will be published by ABC in July 2006.

John’s interest in crime came from his father, who was a printer on the Sydney Morning Herald during the sixties and seventies, and rather than reading fairy tales to his young son, would recount details of gruesome crimes of the times, and share the behind-the-news stories and gossip. Is it any wonder he grew up to do the same, only to a larger audience?

Books by John Suter Linton:
An Almost Perfect MurderBlood TiesBound By BloodMurder At Anna Bay