Moya Sayer-Jones

Moya Sayer-Jones is a seriously comic writer. She wrote her first novel, the bestseller Little Sister in 1988. (Republished in a new edition in March 2005.) Little Sister was followed in 1996 by a collection of short stories, Mouth to Mouth. In between Moya has made fun writing and performing across genres: in television, film, radio and print. Her sassy Modern Guru column in the Good Weekend magazine (The Sydney Morning Herald & The Age) is now in its fourth year and her latest adult novel, Love Rat was published by Penguin in 2004. (‘Sayer-Jones creates characters who are quirky, charming and human…accessible fiction of the best kind…’SMH) Moya’s first young adult novel Who Loves Lucy was published by Penguin in May 2005.

Books by Moya Sayer-Jones:
Little SisterLove RatMouth to Mouth: Mad Moments from a Modern LifeWho Loves Lucy?