Skoz the Dog – Ready, Steady Kaboom

Skoz the Dog - Ready, Steady Kaboom

The problem with being a sleepwalking dog is you don′t have a clue where you are when you wake up!

When Skoz wakes up feeling all cosy and warm, he′s relieved to be safe in his kennel for once. But, hang on, is that the roar of a crowd Skoz hears?

Soon Skoz is the star of the show — like it or not. Will he survive the Patadogian jumping snakes? And can he avoid the mouth of the biggest cat he′s ever seen?

Want to know more about everyone′s favourite sleepwalking dog?

Skoz′s hilarious adventures continue in All at Sea and Up in the Air, and watch out for more wacky sleepwalking tales coming soon.