The Bloke-a-saurus – Jokes for blokes, fair dinkum funnies and true blue


Aussie wisdom

Gargantuan gags, wags, goofs and giggles for your favourite fella, with royalties donated to support men’s mental health

Knockabout brothers Steve and Gus Worland know a good joke when they hear one, and this smorgasbord of their favourite Aussie gags and yarns will keep the man in your life giggling all the way to the dunny and back.

Full of the Worland brothers’ favourite jokes about being a dad, a son, a mate, a husband and much, much more, this collection gives you their best knock knocks, lightbulb jokes, observational gags, funny yarns, the longest and shortest joke in the world … and of course, their best and most time-honoured dad jokes. Through laughter and a tipping of the hat to the important things in life, The Bloke-a-Saurus also presents the wisdom of the ages with the stories and bon mots that have helped grow boys into men.

Royalties will be donated to Gotcha4life Foundation to help fund the training of male Lifeline crisis counsellors.