Grim and Grimmer – The Grasping Goblin (Book 2)

Grim and Grimmer - The Grasping Goblin (Book 2)

The Nightmare Queen is hunting Ike and Mellie. A spell from forbidden Gobbeloon might stop her, but it won’t be easy to get. On the way Ike will be struck blind, forced to eat maggot soup and carried by an enraged demon, upside down with his bum hanging out, right across Grimmery.

Then he picks up a bolt of frozen lightning. Bad move.
Oh, yes, Ike dies in this story.
And he still can’t avoid the Nightmare Queen’s cruel vengeance.

In this excellent book you will encounter lunatics, night-gaunts, a punning rat and a compulsive liar. Not to mention the most cunning enemy Ike has ever faced – the wicked goblin, Aigo.